Would you like to be more colourful?
To know with certainty how to wear colours which will compliment your look

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Until I was shown by a Personal Stylist who was trained in Colour Analysis, I had no idea what a difference the shades of colour I was wearing near my face could make to my overall appearance. I have always loved choosing clothes and putting outfits together and yet did not ever understand the reasons why I would be complimented on some outfits and not on others. On a good day, I would wear a top which received compliments such as “you look well” or “you look great”. Yet on other days, comments may be along the lines of “are you feeling under the weather?” or “are you OK?” Yes, I was OK so why were the comments not positive on those days? 

Not only that, I have always absolutely loved colour however, when I periodically took a good look in my wardrobe I was looking into a sea of black garments peppered with a rainbow of tops ranging from very pale to very dark shades. I knew that not all of these could be helping me look my best yet I wasn’t confident in deciding which shades of colour worked and which ones didn’t. 

The answer came in the form of a Colour Consultation.  At first I thought it was daunting having to sit in front of the mirror and look at myself! However, very quickly, that didn’t bother me one bit because the results of seeing myself in fabulous colours was incredible. I learnt that if I wear shades of colours which harmonise with my own colouring, they instantly give me a healthier glow together with a younger and fresher appearance. Wow! What a difference. 

Imagine opening your wardrobe and knowing exactly which colours are your best and having the knowledge to team garments together to compliment your look.   

Gone are the days when you traipse around the stores feeling so unsure of which colours are right for you and so you come away with yet another black top.

What you will get...

COGRAY1145During our 2 hours together not only will you learn which shades of colour suit you best, you will also receive skincare advice and a make-up makeover using products which are pure, safe & beneficial. These cosmetics will be specific to your colouring so that your natural features are enhanced. There will be an opportunity to order the correct shades for you. 

Together we will work step by step through the colour analysis process explaining my decisions, the products and techniques as we go. Rest assured, that I will get to know you so my advice is suited to your personality, your lifestyle, likes and dislikes. It is important for me to consider all of these aspects so you can make the most of your consultation. Here’s what Jo had to say "thank you also for a stunning session, I can't believe just how useful I found it - and have immediately put it into action!"

At the end of our time together you will have learnt all you need to know to about making the right colour decisions for you. The next time you go shopping will be a delight not a chore.

So, get in touch and lets get together to make you more colourful.

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