Would you like to love make-up and look after your skin?
To know with confidence that your make-up compliments you

Since 2006, I have been helping clients achieve the look with which they feel comfortable - comfortable for their skin, comfortable for their personality and comfortable for their lifestyle.

Sarah makeup pageIf you are anything like me, your skincare and make-up experience goes something like this;  you are confused by all the skincare adverts, not knowing your serums from your soap, and ultimately no idea what to use.

In my early teens, I experimented a little with a few mascaras (remember electric blue?!), lip glosses (more like colourful gloopy glue!) however I didn’t have anyone to properly advise on a). what to buy, b). what to do with it and c). whether it looked OK. Mum wasn’t a make-up wearer back then and I was too “scared” to approach a department store cosmetics counter (never mind be able to afford any of their products).  I remember being around 16 years of age, having dinner at a friend’s house and during a cosmetics conversation, commenting on the fact that mum wouldn’t allow me to wear heavy make-up even if I wanted to - well, the looks from this friend’s parents clearly suggested that I didn’t look quite as good as I thought! So, from then on, I pretty much stuck to mascara only until well into my 20's.  

I went to visit a Personal Stylist. She introduced me to a simple, natural look which I could easily recreate at home in the 5 minutes I had available each morning!

The added complication for me when I wanted to wear more make-up was my lifetime skin complaint, eczema. My skin reacted to every product I tried so I was scared to try new things. Having pretty much given up of ever having clear skin or a make-up range I could successfully wear every day, I was absolutely delighted to find a range of skincare & cosmetics which are Pure, Safe & Beneficial. My skin has improved beyond my wildest dreams and in doing so, I have been spurred on to learn more about skincare so I can help you find the safe products for your skin.

You too can have a safe skincare regime to suit your skin type and your busy schedule.

You can also have a quick & easy make-up look which gives you confidence and still looks like you!

Imagine waking in the morning knowing that a part of your “getting ready” time includes a 4-5 minute make-up application which suits your colouring. you will leave the house confident and ready to face the world. 

You will be secure in the knowledge that all the products I advise you use on your face are pure & safe - no nasty chemicals.

You will no longer have a make-up bag full of items you don’t use.

Clients tell me they worry about having a make-up lesson in case the look “isn’t them”. I can assure you that my philosophy is to enhance you not to make you into someone you are not. My training has given me the knowledge and tools to help others create a natural make-up look which suit them and their personality, their colouring and their lifestyle.  I help you to streamline your make-up bag to only those products you really need.

What you will get...

I want to help you realise that skincare & make-up application doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.  I will guide you step by step to creating your look. So, lets have some fun with a few brushes!

Interested in working with me?

Whatever your style dilemma, I am here to help you. Be confident that together we will make you the best version of you.