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  • Confidence is an inside job -
    wear it well

  • What does your wardrobe say about you?

    We all have classic pieces we love, that we rely on, that never let us down. Our go-to items of clothing that make us feel good, attractive, comfortable and confident. Imagine how you'd feel if every item in your wardrobe had the same effect?

    How we dress defines how others see us, but it also communicates how we see ourselves. Confidence complements every trend, you can wear it to any occasion and with any outfit. Let me make you feel fabulous – just lead me to your wardrobe and let me inject a little 'wow' into your workwear and every day of the week.

    Why call me?

    Do you feel like you've lost your individuality? Are you stuck wearing a mummy 'uniform' and don't recognise your old self? Or do you just fancy finding a new you?

    Whether you're looking for a wedding outfit or dress for a special occasion, day at the races or your son's graduation. Or maybe you just want to step out to the supermarket and feel comfortable being you. I can help you find your unique style secrets. And I'll make you feel fabulous with outfits hiding on hangers in your wardrobe that can be combined with some fresh new pieces or forgotten friends.

    Our bodies change shape throughout the course of our lives, but personal style is ours to own. Fashion is dictated by the catwalk – style is yours to re-invent and evolve. It should be fun – it's personal and should reflect your personality. I provide a personal service that:

    • Saves you money with styling secrets
    • Teaches you to shop wisely
    • Won't cost a fortune
    • Makes you feel fabulous
    • Boosts your confidence
    • Improves self-esteem
    • Changes your life one costume change at a time

    Let me find the 'Wow' in your wardrobe. I'll transform your tailoring from tired to 'on trend' without you needing to spend a fortune on a whole new wardrobe.

Your Wardrobe Detox

Your Wardrobe Detox

Together, lets take your wardrobe which may be bursting at the seams, sort through it and organise it. You’ll know know exactly what you have, we’ll find new outfits and you will learn to love your wardrobe again.

Your Style Revealed

Your Style Revealed

Let me help you develop your style by understanding what suits you; your personality, your body shape, your lifestyle & your budget …we will eliminate the “I have nothing to wear” phrase from your wardrobe.

Your Shopping Day

Your Shopping Day

Let’s go shopping! A purposeful yet fun day in the shops when our time is put to best use. I “pre-shop” for you so you don’t have to waste time trawling the stores.

Your Colour

Your Colour

A Colourful You. Unsure which shades of colour are enhancing your look? I will show you how and why certain shades compliment you so you know exactly how to wear colour.

Want the Full Package?

Want the Full Package?

Have you thought you’d like a bit of everything? Well you can. Combine a selection or all of my services for a stylish you.

Your Makeup

Your Makeup

Have you thought your make-up needs updating or perhaps you have never worn make-up. I will help you achieve the look you are after with premium products which are safe for your skin.

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When people hear the words 'personal stylist' it evokes fears of baring all, intrusive changing rooms, judgemental comments, expensive designer brands, strict dress rules, costly shopping trips and a critical eye from intimidating fashionistas. I promise you that's a world away from working with me. I'm affordable, approachable and considerate. I won't judge your house or your carpet and curtains – it's what's inside your wardrobe that I want to see and it's your confidence that I care about.

So much more than a make-over...

A personal styling consultation with Sarah Gray Image will focus on helping you feel great, find your style and reflect your personality through your clothing – so you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. You'll enjoy a fun and friendly consultation that's confidential, professional, honest and open. You can trust me to be transparent, creative and knowledgeable. You'll learn to love your wardrobe and I'll leave it bursting with outfits for every occasion – you'll wish there were more days in a week. There's no trick lighting, no 360-degree mirrors, just a professional stylist who's down to earth, warm and welcoming and who works with your wardrobe rather than replacing what you have.

Learn how to wear your own style...call/contact me today...

"Not only a lot of fun, but extremely helpful and uplifting... it's given me a new perspective on how to wear what I already have, so I feel energised by my 'new wardrobe."

Don't just take my word for it – hear how I've helped my clients.


Know a lady who's hard to buy for?

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When life is busy we struggle to find time to focus on ourselves and can sometimes lose our identity along the way. Sarah Gray gift vouchers are the perfect treat for those who deserve a pamper. They're the unforgettable gift that will last longer than flowers and chocolate – think of it as self-confidence tied with a bow. Available in a variety of values, get in touch to buy your gift experience.

Interested in working with me?

Whatever your style dilemma, I am here to help you. Be confident that together we will make you the best version of you.

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