Why hire me?

Career wise I've worn many hats. I've done the commute, worked in the City and also juggled the demands of being a working mum. I understand the importance of first impressions in business and I appreciate the need to feel confident personally as well as professionally.

Personal style should be fun...

I want my clients to smile about their style and step out with confidence with every clothing combo regardless of their shape or size. Fashion is what keeps sheep together, following the crowd and yet we wonder why that 'one-image-fits-all' doesn't suit us, style is what sets us apart. You shouldn't criticise yourself when the latest trends don't suit your shape. They're not supposed to. They're designed for the masses not the individual. However, that doesn't mean you can't take inspiration from a new colour palette or pattern choice and apply it to your own unique style.

Star style secrets

There's a reason showbusiness uses the term 'wardrobe' to describe the magic that happens behind the scenes. Hair, make-up, costumes and clothing all transform ordinary people into the glamorous style icons we see on our screens. But you don't have to be rich and famous to feel good about your style. The bright lights of a Hollywood smile may seem slightly out of reach but that doesn't mean a confident image has to be. We all know celebrities look glam because of their team of stylists and designers in their entourage. So, why do we give ourselves a hard time about our own wardrobes and wonder why they don't have the same sparkle when, in reality, the comparison isn't fair?

Your personality is unique- as is your style – let's celebrate you, let me help you dress to impress and express who you really are.

I've been doing this job, one I absolutely love, for over 12 years and feel extremely fortunate to meet the clients I do and see the instant results from their wardrobe detox. As a personal stylist, my job changes lives in the simplest of ways and leaves a smile and style that can last a lifetime.

Confidence is an inside job – and it's mine to help you wear it well.

Interested in working with me?

Whatever your style dilemma, I am here to help you. Be confident that together we will make you the best version of you.